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Mo Zoli…

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Mo zoli: enn zistwar dekolonizasion fam Kreol atraver so seve ek so batman by Christelle Collet is eloquently written in Mauritian Creole. Collet unpacks concepts of beauty blurred by colonial lies, generational trauma and social class systems. Wow what an insight!

Bann kriter bote dan Moris depann lor si enn dimounn ena plis ou mwins tre 'nasion'.
In Mauritius, criteria for beauty depends on your 'native' features.

This 1st February 2022, we celebrate the 187th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Mauritius and this paper is so relevant today.

I'm beautiful: a paper on decolonising Creole women through their hair and fashion encourages us to take a first step in reclaiming our ancestry and identity. It’s a call to arms to embrace our Kréolité, our afros and curls.

This paper resonates deeply with me as this echoes my own experience and that of many women close to me. Even now, it's an intrapersonal decision to either straighten my hair or not!

Collet goes further to find her tribe who welcomed her with open hearts. What a unique journey.

One thing is certain, we are not alone.

We are resilient

We are strong We are beautiful

Nu zoli…

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