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Blue Bay Palace

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Blue Bay palace by Natacha Appanah is the story of Maya who ventures from her humble town of Blue Bay, Mauritius, to discover a world of luxury and deception in Paradis Hotel.

Appanah is eloquent and poetic. She describes landscapes from my hometown that generates emotions of nostalgia and envy for a world that I did not notice in my youth, living in Mauritius. Appanah weaves the colours and sounds of the island for a true literary journey, connecting words and landscapes. I can almost feel the sun on my cheeks, hear the foam of the waves bubbling and feel the sea between my toes.

Quand l'écume crépite à mes pieds, c'est comme si j'entendais le rire de la mer.
When the sea foam tickles my feet, I can almost hear its laughter.

Blue Bay Palace is a love story between Maya and Dave. It's a classic love story between two people from two different worlds that could never be. Un amour impossible... An impossible love.

Maya also has another great love. That for her ocean. The ocean haunts her dreams and when she is awake, it waits for her around every bend. This is her true love. She always runs to it as would lovers when they haven't seen each other for a long time. This is where she can be herself- the good and the bad. The ocean is always there for her, no matter what. Maya has many thoughts of losing herself to this ocean of hers.

Je me sentais faite de sel et d'eau et j'aimais ça.
I felt like I was made of salt and water and I liked that.

At the start of the story, Maya warns us that this is her own personal journey and that this story is not mine to use and adopt. I however, could not stop making parallel links to my own personal journey. As a 19 year old young woman, I worked and found love at the Paradis Hotel...Un amour impossible... An impossible love.

I would soon realise that this is Maya's story and is only borrowed. I happily returning it the owner.




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