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Mo Lorizon

Mo Lorizon- My Horizon series brings together my love of nature captured at a particular time throughout my own journey and memory. The words chosen to accompany the landscapes are from authors and thinkers with whom I have a shared cultural history and authors who inspire me. 

Mo Lorizon watercolour series is a collection of multimedia artworks. Each art piece was created using scanned original watercolour paintings from A5 watercolour paper. Most of the original art works were painted en plein air, outdoors, to capture the colours as I see and feel them

Mo Lorizon digital photography series were created using an iPhone 12 and capturing nature as I move through life. The warmth of the sunsets and the colours of the crops across seasons 


The texts on all the art works were created using Raleway and Playlist Script fonts, size 27.8 and 45 respectively. Each art piece measures 28.575 cm x 28.575 cm. 

The art pieces in this collection are scattered within my blog and writings, inspired by the literary landscapes that I am drawn into by the authors. 

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